luni, 14 mai 2018

Summer wishlist with Zaful

You know that I love to do wishlist posts and to talk about what I want to have in my closet for the next period. I'll spend this summer in Greece and that's why I want to share with you what I want to buy from Zaful.

I have some sites about I always talk, but Zaful it's my favorite one because the quality of the clothes it's very impresive and the prices ar so damn good.
As I usually do, this wishlist post will include an imaginary outfit because when I order something I love to figure out how I'll wear every item. I have to admit that my closet it's full of clothes but I don't have nothing to wear. You understand me, right?

My first choice is a dress even I don't have the perfect summer body, but you know we must embrace who we are and to love every piece of us.
This white dress it's so amazing because it's different and so pure. I love white and summer it's the perfect time to wear a dress like this one. The details are so me and It's simple but also sophisticated. I love it!

What is a summer outfit without sandals? Lame I supose. So I chosed this pair of sandals. They are so simple and perfect for this dress. Black it's a good choice because the contrast between this two non-colors facinates me. 

It's time to talk about accessories because an outfit can't be complete without them. I have to decide if I want a necklace or something else. I just can't decide because there are so many options. I decided to run for a pair of earrings because when I saw this pair I just saw the sun. Amazing piece!!

What do you think about my wishlist? 

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