luni, 14 mai 2018

Something new - outfit

Every day I spend a little time to see which are the new products on women section. Zaful it's the perfect site to buy clothes for this summer. Why I say that? Because there are a lot of products perfect for different types of bodies. I think that this is what I'm looking for in a fashion site. Because every woman is different and we should embrace who we are. Zaful has it and I'm so grateful for every order I placed at them.

Now let's talk about an outfit, a summer outfit for my type of body. 
I just saw this amazing dress and I can't take my mind off of it. It's just perfect! The color, the model, dimensions... i don't know, but I think I'm in looove.

Some time ago I would've said that I can't wear anything like this pair of shoes. But now, with this dress in my head, when I saw these beauties I was like.. oh no! I want them sooo bad. 

A bag it's a must when I wear a dress because it's very important to have my wallet with me when I go out. So lets see what kind of bag I prefer for this outfit. If you want something different, I think this is what you need. This is what I need!

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