vineri, 22 septembrie 2017

Discover the newest arrivals - Wishlist

Today is a perfect day to talk about crazy colors and summer looks. I have prepared for you an amazing wishlist with some orange products, especially dresses.

The weather is still good for dresses and t-shirt so I advise you to take advantages of it and to wear them as long as you can.

I've always appreciated girls who know what to wear in each season, I'm refering to colors. Now let's talk about some special items from Zaful.

I love this orange bodycon dress because it has the perfect cut at the top, which compensates with its lenght.

Another dress that shouldn't miss from your closet in this period is the floral dress. The color is incredible, just what we all need every summer. 

What is a dress without a bag? If I'll ask my sister that, she is going to turn insane because she can't imagine an outfit without a bag. She feels like she's naked when she doesn't have one.

So I prepared for you a perfect bag, as color, size and model.

This black bag with a simple model can be always your choice. It's roomy and fashion. You can't go wrong with her. So, wait ladies, the price is so little!

Because I've showed you a lot of great things, I have a surprise cupon for you if you place an order. The code is: ZFEN

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